Chandler Pummelochandler

The Chandler Pummelo is a relatively new comer to the pummelo family. Developed by crossing a Siamese Pink pummelo and a Siamese Sweet pummelo, this new hybrid blends to the best of both color and flavor. The rind is thick, and bright yellow with an occasional pink blush. The flesh ranges from light to dark pink, is moderately juice and nicely sweet. This fruit is easily segmented and can be eaten fresh or in a flavorful citrus salad. They are also an excellent source of antioxidant flavonoids and vitamin C.

Pamplemousse Jaune / Cocktail GrapefruitGrapefruit-Cocktail

Guess what you get if you take a Siamese Sweet pummelo and cross it with a Frua mandarin? A delightful hybrid called a Pamplemousse Jaune, also known as a Cocktail pummelo! This medium-large fruit has a dark-yellow, thin, smooth rind with dark-yellow to almost yellow-orange flesh. The Pamplemouse Jaune is exceptionally juicy and has a unique mellow, sweet, less acidic flavor.


The Melogold pummelo is actually a cross between a true pummelo and a Marsh grapefruit. This could be why the taste is a nice blend – sweet, juicy and non-bitter. The pale-yellow to white flesh produces easily segmented large, sweet sections that are tender, seedless and full of juice. Since the variety’s release in 1986 it has been the office favorite!



Oroblanco, White Gold, or Sweetie – all names for this super sweet grapefruit pummelo cross. The smooth greenish-yellow to light-yellow rind is a bit thicker than that of a grapefruit, but peels away easily. The flesh is pale yellow, tender, seedless, super sweet and very juicy. The Oroblanco has the sweet grapefruit taste without the bitterness or acidity found in other grapefruits. When you enjoy your next Oroblanco, be sure to leave the sugar bowl in the cupboard!

Sarawak Pummelo

The Sarawak pummelo, also known as the Tahitian pummelo, is one of the least known and best tasting pummelos. This small to medium-large fruit has a smooth, greenish-yellow to yellow rind that is somewhat thinner than a traditional pummelo. The flesh is greenish amber in color, and juicy. The flavor is distinctive, with a lemon-lime flavor or a melon-like flavor, and is enjoyed by many.