Gold Nugget

Mandarin-Gold NuggetThis recently released new mandarin is truly a Gold Nugget! Closely resembling the prized Pixie in many ways, the Gold Nugget is referred to as a “Pixie like” mandarin. This mid to late season mandarin yields a medium sized fruit with a slightly bumpy rind that is very aromatic, and easy to peel. The flesh is bright orange and finely textured. The flavor is rich and sweet, and the fruit is seedless! All the way around, this is a great find.

Minneola Tangelo

Mandarin-MinneolaSweet and sour? When you cross the tartness of a grapefruit with the sweetness of a tangerine, the result is the Minneola Tangelo, also known as the Honeybell – a nice blend of sweet and sour. This round fruit is large in size and can have a distinctive neck. The peel is a deep red-orange in color with a fine, smooth texture. The juice has that tart yet honey-sweet flavor that makes it wonderful alone or squeezed into a pitcher of mixed citrus juices. That sweet-n-sour burst also makes the Minneola a great addition to fruit or green salads, or your favorite marinade. This variety is another great stem and leaf fruit. Adding It to your table display will bring a little sunshine into your day even if the weather is cold and gloomy outside.


Mandarin-OrtaniqueThis sweet late season orange – tangerine cross is truly unique – and how it derived its name…..or(ange), tan(gerine) and (un)ique = ortanique! Discovered in Jamaica, this fruit has rind that is excellent for zesting or flavor infusions. The rind is smooth, pale orange and full of strong oil early in the season. The pulp is tender, extremely juicy with a strong citrus aroma and tangy yet slightly sweet flavor. Whether you serve this as a wedge on your favorite salad, as a garnish, or in a sorbet, let it take you away to an island oasis.

Owari Satsuma

Rising C Project 3 Mandarin 2This is one for the serious mandarin lover! You will love this seedless mandarin for its flavor and ease of peeling. The bright orange, tender, juicy flesh has a naturally mild flavor, and the smooth, thin rind nearly peels itself. The many sub-varieties of the Owari are grown in a variety of soils which keeps this mandarin on the market from October – January. Being the easiest to peel makes this our favorite mandarin to pop in lunch boxes or grab for a healthful snack anytime day or night!

Page Mandarin

Mandarin-PageThe superb taste of the page mandarin must come from the fact that it is a cross between a Minneola and a Clementine mandarin. The high sugar content and dense pulp make this worth the effort of peeling. This small to medium sized fruit has a fairly thin rind that is a beautiful orange-red color, making it a great addition to your platter displays and fruit bowls when ordered as a stem and leaf product. The sweet and pleasant flavor makes this ideal for eating fresh.

Shasta GoldTM

Mandarin-Shasta GoldOne of the new kids on the block, the Shasta GoldTM is a newly introduced variety developed by the UC Riverside citrus breeding program. This late maturing variety combines large sized fruit with an attractive dark orange rind that is easy to peel. The flesh is seedless, bright orange, and juicy with rich, sweet flavor. Be sure to add this new comer to your list of favorites this season.

Tahoe GoldTM

Mandarin-Tahoe GoldIntroducing one of the newest mandarin varieties developed by our colleagues and advisors at UC Riverside – the Tahoe GoldTM. This mandarin produces a large, slightly flattened piece of fruit that has an attractive dark orange thin rind. The flavor is rich and sweet and the flesh is bright orange, finely textured and seedless. Whether you peel one of these to eat fresh or add it to your green salad, the Tahoe Gold is sure to become one of your new favorites.

W. Murcott Mandarin

Mandarin-W MurcottHigh sugar content + good acid level = intense, rich flavor! That is just what you will find in the W. Murcott mandarin. This outstanding piece of medium sized fruit matures into a slightly flattened piece of fruit that has a smooth, thin orange rind that is very easy to peel. The flesh is orange colored and juicy. The W. Murcott can be a tasty citrus treat that is available through the mid and late season!

Yosemite GoldTM

Mandarin-Yosemite GoldStrike it rich with the newly developed Yosemite GoldTM mandarin! This is one of the latest nuggets from the UC Riverside citrus breeding program. You are sure to be pleased with the eye-catching smooth dark orange rind of this mandarin, and the ease of peeling at maturity will be an added bonus. The bright orange seedless flesh will draw you in as you taste the rich and sweet flavor that this fruit offers late in the season.