Kaffir Lime

Lime-KaffirThe Kaffir Lime (also spelled Kieffer) is a knobby textured green fruit – a lumpy lime! The leaf is a highly valued component, but the fragrant zest is equally important to give an exceptionally unique flavor to many traditional Thai and South East Asian dishes. Due to the strong flavor, Kaffir Lime zest should be used sparingly. The juice of this fruit is sour in taste, and the fruit can be quite seedy.

Kaffir Lime Leaf

This rare, treasured glossy leaf imparts a lemony-lime aroma and flavor to many Asian dishes, especially those from Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. The distinctive flavor cannot be easily substituted, and is the key ingredient that gives each dish its unique identity. The shape of this edible leaf is also unusual with two connected leaflets. Leaves may be used whole, as in soups, or may be sliced into thin slivers and incorporated right into your dish. You may also see this referred to as Kieffer Lime, Thai Limes, or Makrut.

Rangpur Lime

Lime-RangpurThis zesty lime is not really a true lime, but a hybrid cross that has the zestiness of a lime, the juiciness of an orange, and the looks of a mandarin! This small to medium sized orange lime has a reddish orange rind that is easy to peel. The deep rich orange pulp is filled with delicious, highly acidic juice. The fruit, which may be a bit seedy, offers a tart acidic complex flavor, just perfect for a spunky marmalade or a Rangpur Lime curd. Or use the zest of the fragrant peel to flavor baked goods and hot or cold beverages

Palestine Sweet Lime

Lime-Sweet LimeThis gem of a lime was growing on a neighbor’s patio when it was discovered! Due to the popularity of this variety, it has been a stable offering in our lime lineup over the years. The Palestine Sweet Lime tree produces a roundish, medium sized fruit with a smooth rind that ranges from light- yellow to yellow-orange with increasing maturity. The rind oil has a very distinctive aroma. The straw-yellow flesh is very juicy, with very little citric acid which gives the juice its insipid, bland flavor. Some characterize this as a watery taste. The zest and juice can be used to flavor baked goods while the rinds make excellent candied fruit. The medicinal qualities of this fruit are also widely known and add to its appeal.